El Centro – $4,500

Spirit of the Sun – $4,500

Lamar Unidos – $2,000

Colorado Jobs with Justice (COJWJ) – $5,500

Hispanic Affairs Project – $5,500

Al Frente de Lucha – $5,000

Denver Homeless Out Loud – $3,500

El Centro Humanitario – $7300

Herbal Gardens Wellness – $2720

Soul 2 Soul – $2720

Spirit of the Sun – $2720

The Reciprocity Collective – $1000

COJWJ – $6900

Hispanic Affairs Project – $9300

Latino Task Force of Boulder County – $3500

Fourth World Center – $3400

The Fourth World Center aims to reverse 520 years of genocide and oppression of indigenous people.

Centro Humanitario para los Trabajadores – $7300

Community Transit Coalition – $1200

The Community Transit Coalition is a group of organizations and individuals seeking increased transit funding and transit expansions in the Pikes Peak Region.

Denver Homeless Out Loud – $1700

Denver Homeless Out Loud (DHOL) works with and for people who experience homelessness, to solve the issues that arise from the experience of homelessness.

Colorado Jobs with Justice – $3900

Colorado Jobs with Justice is a coalition of labor, community, faith and student groups that come together in the struggle for social and economic justice.

Economic Justice

What does it mean?

Building the power of poor, low-income and working people to fight for their rights and against exploitation. Fighting to ensure that we have a fair economy, with more equitable distribution of wealth and genuine equal opportunity for all.

Current Grantees: Denver Homless Out Loud, Colorado Jobs with Justice


  • 1999 – Led by young organizers from communities of color in Denver, Action for a Better Community WINS a campaign targeting RTD to provide discounted bus passes for low-income youth to travel to/from school.
  • 2010 – Colorado Progressive Coalition WINS a legislative battle to reform the payday lender industry after mobilizing residents to challenge outrageous and unregulated interest rates, fees, and terms which trap low-income and working Coloradoans in cycles of debt.
  • 2012-2014 – El Centro Humanitario is organizing and educating immigrant women who engage in domestic work to help pass a Bill of Rights that offers safety and protections to these essential, yet often invisible workers in our state.