Image via Center for Community Wealth Building, an Another World is Possible Fund 2020 grantee


Join us ONLINE on Tuesday March 30th from 6-7:30pm for this webinar. To receive an email confirmation with the digital login information before the event, please RSVP below.

At Chinook Fund, we listen to the grassroots social justice leaders in our community and play a lead role in democratizing philanthropy. Meet the Changemakers connects community organizers and new supporters. Join us to better understand what our leaders need to advance equality and justice throughout the state.

We are especially eager to hear from the labor activists, Black and Native leaders, and folks mobilizing against poverty and homelessness in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their leadership and expertise are especially valuable to us all in this crisis. We’ll be joined by leaders from

Chinook Fund is committed to creating inclusive and accessible public programming. To learn more and make specific accessibility requests for this event, visit

As we confirm our speakers, we’ll provide their organizational web links below.

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