Another World is Possible Fund

We are living through a moment that calls for deep solidarity, interdependence, and radical generosity, a moment that requires us to claim our power to make the world we know is possible. This is why Chinook Fund and Transformative Leadership for Change (TLC) partnered to launch the Another World is Possible Fund.

As the pandemic crisis continues, very different visions of our world are unfolding.  In one scenario, we see increased authoritarianism, corporate control, competition over resources, and the decimation of vulnerable communities.  In another scenario, we see the emergence of an inclusive democracy, a regenerative economy, increased interdependence, and the opportunity for all communities to thrive.

Recognizing unique opportunities for radical, systemic change at this moment, the Fund prioritizes funding groups that have been historically under-resourced or excluded by mainstream philanthropy. This includes Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) led organizations and those using community organizing as a primary strategy. The goals of the Fund are to (1) Raise $1M  and redistribute as general operating grants for COVID relief, rapid response organizing, organizational sustainability, and resilience; (2) Provide increased funding for BIPOC-led organizations and constituent-led groups organizing for systemic change; and (3) Organize other foundations to invest in this fund and increase support to BIPOC-led organizations in Colorado.


Chinook Fund has a 34-year legacy of seeding grassroots movements across the state through community-led grantmaking. Transformative Leadership for Change is a new initiative that supports the healing, transformation, solidarity, and radical visions of people of color leading social justice organizations. We are two complementary capacity-building organizations in the Colorado progressive ecosystem, partnering together in the spirit of abundance, interdependence, and mutual aid to raise resources for those who are forging the path to the world we believe is possible.

Together, we have a shared network of about 75 organizations that are eligible for these funds. This includes recent Chinook grantees and TLC-affiliated organizations such as 9to5 Colorado, Colorado People’s Alliance, Front Line Farming, Hispanic Affairs Project, Padres y Jóvenes Unidos, and Pine River Shares. We strongly believe that the resources invested into this pool of organizations will have the greatest return for a just COVID response in the short-term and a new vision for our world in the long-term.

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Chinook Fund seeded the fund in the Spring of 2020 with $75,000 from its cash reserves.  Since then,  the fund has raised nearly $700,000 and distributed rapid response grants to 60 grassroots organizations across Colorado. This includes an investment of $250,000 by the Colorado Health Foundation and $90,000 from AJL Foundation.  Of the groups funded, 86 percent are BIPOC-led, 33 percent are Black-led, and 72 percent operate on budgets under $350,000.

Additional funding has been provided by the following foundations: Campbell Foundation Fund, Congdon Family Fund, Colorado Trust Anti-Black Systemic Racism Fund ($15,000), Colorado Trust Staff-Directed Contributions Program, Community First Foundation ($50,000) Denver Foundation Leadership & Equity ($27,000), Emergent Fund ($10,000), Gates Family Foundation ($20,000), Gwirtsman-Reichman Family Fund, Hatfield Family Foundation, LP Brown Family Foundation, United Philanthropy Momentum Fund ($65,000), and Voqal Fund ($5,000). 

Numerous leaders have requested help to stay open, “recession-proof” their organizations, adapt their work to new conditions – and more. In 2021, grant awards are $4,000, with eligible organizations able to receive up one grant in 2021. Grantees in 2020 received $6,000 each. 

We have an unprecedented window of opportunity to make changes that were considered impossible.

We know that our leadership will be needed more than ever – while being tested like never before. We will need to fight for both short and long-term goals at the same time. We will need to hold space for grief, despair and trauma while also uplifting hope, courage, and vision. We will need to navigate the scarcity created by economic inequality while tapping into an abundance mentality to demand what we really need. And we will need to step up our practice of navigating conflict, resisting divide and conquer tactics, and deepening solidarity with each other.

When we combine our resources from a spirit of radical generosity, abundance, and interdependence, we live the values we are fighting for on a larger scale.
Give generously. Whether you are an individual donor or institutional funder, giving to this fund will target resources to the organizations who need it most. It is an opportunity to align your giving with the vision and values of this fund.
Mobilize your peers. Spread the word and encourage them to join you in giving.
Join us in dialogue. We need to have transparent, honest, and inspiring conversations around how individual and institutional philanthropy can to respond to the COVID pandemic. We need your best thinking, creativity, and expertise.

Crystal Middlestadt, Executive Director, Chinook Fund:
Neha Mahajan, Executive Director, TLC: