Our Values

As we do our work, we are guided by the following values:


In our words and actions, we honor the inherent dignity, strength and wisdom of the individual and the group. We actively challenge practices that demean and isolate people, and cultivate practices that bring people together across our differences to achieve justice and peace.


We build caring, respectful relationships with one another. Recognizing our interdependence, we are committed to action that serves the common good. We honor our relationship with the natural world, which sustains us all.


We are inclusive, accessible and transparent in our work, and advocate for the same in other institutions. We understand the power and responsibility that comes with being a steward of financial resources, and are accountable to the community that both supports and relies on us.


We encourage learning, experimentation, and innovative thinking, and support the development of emerging leaders. We embrace our own role as leaders in the movement for social justice philanthropy, and are willing to take strategic risks in service of our vision of a just world.