Zach Booz on Sustaining Social Justice

By February 14, 2018Stories

“Through the Giving Project, I learned about the importance of putting my money where my mouth is and why aggressively funding social justice locally is so critically important.”

My name is Zach, and when I’m not living and recreating in community with my friends and housemates, I spend my time working with young people in a couple different capacities. I work namely as a Sexual Violence Prevention Specialist with the Blue Bench, but also as an Outdoor Educator with Cottonwood Institute.  I also donate $10 to Chinook Fund every month.

To be honest, I rarely think twice about spending $10 on beer any given night. It’s a relaxing endeavor and, as we all know, Denver is somewhat of a ‘Beer Mecca.’ It’s become a spending habit that I am carefree about engaging in. When I heard about the Inner Circle, I asked myself, “Why not?” Why shy away from an opportunity to give $10, an amount I so eagerly and often invest in myself, to Chinook Fund –an organization I’m passionate about and work I very much believe in –once a month?

Through the Giving Project, I learned about the importance of putting my money where my mouth is and why aggressively funding social justice locally is so critically important. Income inequality has grown devastatingly worse in our state, and marginalized communities experiencing multiple forms of oppression are disproportionately affected by this injustice. Chinook Fund’s grantees work tirelessly to address the needs of their communities and they deserve the attention and support of folks like me, who benefit from multiple forms of privilege.

I give to Chinook Fund because I know that every dollar is needed and that every dollar makes a difference. When I give to Chinook Fund, it makes me feel like I’m a part of something that’s bigger than myself. And lastly, I give to Chinook every month because it’s easy.

Whatever vice or what hobby you may have –be it beer, wine, coffee, Netflix, handbags or online poker –humor me, and consider matching a percentage of what you spend to the Chinook Fund once a month. I truly believe that even the smallest investments can lead to incredible social change, and that true change requires that everyone participate to the extent that they’re able. So be it $10 or $3 or $300 a month, whatever feels right for you, know that when you donate you’re helping to empower some of the most progressive, radical and critical social change in our state, and know that every dollar is making a difference. Trust me, it’s easy.

In Community,

Zach Booz



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