At Chinook Fund, we believe that art and culture have the power to explain difficult topics in a way that mere facts and statistics simply can not.

Art exists as a universal language, and by listening to stories of oppression through someone else’s art, communities are able to come together with mutual respect and understanding.

While our art, media, and culture groups often come from a wide variety of causes, they are all linked by their desire to convey hard-hitting topics through a creative medium. We hope that you will be able to learn from and connect with organizations that have faced challenges and successes while fighting creatively for social justice.


Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program
Website | 970-963-0139
Art-N-Motion Art Collective
Website | 760-815-6000
Cafe Cultura
Website | | 720-394-6589
Center for Judaic Studies
Website | | 303-871-3020
Chicano Humanities & Arts Council
Website | | 303-571-0440
City Stage Ensemble
Website | | 980-254-4694
Denver Women’s Chorus
Website | | 303-325-3959
Community Access
Eullipions, Inc.
Website | | 303-300-1790
Website | mail@some-co | 303-449-4885
Website | | 719-589-8844
Moyo Nguvu Cultural Arts Center
Website | | 303-377-2511
Open Media Foundation
Website | 702-222-0159
Rocky Mountain Media Watch
San Luis Valley Christian Community Services
Website | | 719-587-3225
Su Teatro
Website | 303-296-0219
TEA: Theatre Espirit Asia
Website | | 970-513-0315
ORG_NYouth on RecordME
Website |