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LGBTQ individuals have faced violence, isolation, and discrimination throughout American history.

Even today, LGBTQ people face targeted acts of violence and intolerance all too often. At Chinook Fund, we believe that all individuals have the right to love and be loved without facing bigotry or violence. This is why we are proud to support organizations that fight for a more inclusive and understanding Colorado.

Many of our LGBTQ groups work across different demographics, but most of them have faced similar challenges with their own communities and from legislators. We hope that you will be able to learn from organizations that have faced similar challenges and successes in the fight for LGBTQ rights.


Black Men’s XChange
Colorado Anti-Violence Program
Website | | 303-839-5204
Denver Women’s Chorus
Website | | 303-325-3959
GLBT Community Services Center of Colorado
Website | | 303-733-7743
Inside/Out Youth Services
Website | | 719-328-1056
One Colorado
Website | | 303-396-6170
Our Sisters Keeper Coalition
Facebook | 970-759-1192
Out Boulder
Website | | 303-499-5777
PFLAG Denver
Website | | 303-573-5861
Pikes Peak Metro
Website | | 303-360-8640
Western Equality
Facebook | 303-242-8949

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