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At Chinook Fund, we believe that all people are entitled to a decent quality of life and the right to fair treatment within their workplace.

Some of our grantee organizations have fought for a fair living wage and the end of workplace discrimination. Others have fought for housing rights and more inclusive communities. Whatever the cause, we recognize that many of these groups have similar challenges when working with employers, landlords, and legislators. We hope that you will be able to connect with organizations that have faced similar challenges and successes in the fight for human and worker rights.


9 to 5 Colorado
Website | | 303-628-0925
El Centro Humanitario Para Los Tradajadores
Website | | 303-292-4115
Colorado Jobs with Justice
Website |
Colorado People’s Alliance (formerly CPC & RAP)
Website | | 303-893-3500
Denver Homeless Out Loud
Website | | 720-940-5291
Denver VOICE
Website | | 303-539-7226
Greater Park Hill Community, Inc.
Website | | 303-388-0918

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