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At Chinook Fund, we recognize the importance that the natural environment has on our communities and our overall wellbeing. When our ecosystem is harmed, it affects our ability to grow food, drink water, and breathe clean air – which usually affects low-income communities disproportionately.

The earth’s ecosystem is complex and multi-faceted, and it needs to be supported from all angles. Therefor, it only makes sense that environmental advocacy groups would want to pool their resources and expertise together to tackle the whole system. We hope that you will be able to learn from organizations that have faced challenges and successes in the fight for a healthy and sustainable environment.


Colorado Earth First
Website |
Colorado Water Trust
Website | 720-570-2897
Cross Community Coalition
Website | 617-436-0289
Four Corners Action Coalition
Website | 303-292-3203
Grand Valley Citizens Alliance
Website | | 970-256-7650
Website |
High Country Citizens’ Alliance
Website | 970-349-7104
San Juan Citizens Alliance
Website | | 970-259-3583
San Luis Valley Christian Community Services
Website | | 719-587-3225
Sheep Mountain Alliance
Website | | 970-728-3729
Sisters of Color United for Education
Website | | 303-446-8800
Taxpayers for the Animas River | 970-385-4118
Western Colorado Congress
Website |
Wild Earth Guardians
Website | | 505-988-9126

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