The United States is in desperate need of criminal justice reform. Police departments have become more militarized, privatized prisons continue pushing for longer, harsher sentences for even minor offenses, and all of these problems have been getting disproportionately worse for communities of color.

Advocacy groups, civil rights activists, and watchdog groups have all been instrumental in the fight for common sense criminal justice reform. While different in scope, these groups are all united by the goal of creating a socially just society. We hope that you will be able to learn from organizations that have faced challenges and successes in the fight for criminal justice reform.


Colorado Juvenile Defender Coalition
Website | | 303-825-0194
Denver Copwatch
Website> | | 720-369-2741
Friend and Family of the Imprisoned
Website | | 720-365-7210
Second Chance Center, Inc
Website | | 303-537-5838
Sensible Colorado
Website | 720-890-4247
Tiyospaye Winyan Maka
Website |
Website | | 303-534-6167