Black Lives Matter 5280 – $4,500

Compañeros – $4,500

Conejos Clean Water – $4,500

Four Winds American Indian Council – $4,500

Herbal Gardens Wellness – $4,500

Land Rights Council – $4,500

Spirit of the Sun – $4,500

YAASPA – $4,500

Soul 2 Soul – $2,000

Eritrean Cultural and Civic Center – $5,000

Auraria Casa Mayan Heritage – $2,400

Woodbine Education Center – $2,400

Land Rights Council – $5100

Conejos Clean Water – $4000

El Centro AMISTAD – $4000

Interfaith Alliance of Colorado – $4000

Herbal Gardens Wellness – $2720

Move Mountains Projects – $2720

Spirit of the Sun – $2720

Denver Permaculture Guild- $1000

Greenleaf – $5500

Project VOYCE – $5500

Montbello Organizing Committee (MOC) – $4000

Auraria Casa Mayan Heritage – $3000

Montbello Organizing Committee (MOC) – $3000

Move Mountains Project – $3750

Project VOYCE – $9300

Conejos Clean Water – $7300

Al Frente de Lucha – $3500

The Growing Project – $3400

The Growing Project is working to educate the public in Fort Collins, Colorado on food security.

Greenleaf – $9300

Eastside Growers – $4900

Creating a safe space to grow community connections, this collective draws upon traditional agriculture practices to educate members on holistic growing.

GreenLeaf – $3900

Greenleaf engages youth in urban agriculture, farming on available lots in neighborhoods that don't have access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Environmental Justice

What does it mean?

The right to a safe, healthy, productive, and sustainable environment for all. Building the power of low-income, communities of color, and other marginalized communities to challenge corporate and     government practices that disproportionately expose them to toxic waste & environmental degradation.

Current Grantees: Greeleaf, The Growing Project, Eastside Growers


  • 2000 – After generations of struggle in the San Luis Valley, the Land Rights Council WINS a   historic landmark Supreme Court case giving back ancestral communal rights to land granted to the descendants of Mexican settlers who  have lived there for generations.
  • 2000 – Western Colorado Congress WINS a legislative battle by defeating a bill that would allow corporations to import radioactive waste to a designated Superfund Site in rural Western Slope, about 40 miles southwest of Grand Junction.
  • 2012 – Alamosa Riverkeepers continues to organize community members to clean up the toxic mess from the worst mining    disaster in Colorado.  Residents in one of the poorest, rural counties in the US are reclaiming this Superfund site and restoring the river/water supply that they count on for everyday use.
  • 2013 – Eastside Growers Collective cultivates 34 plots for over 212 members of the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver, growing food and connections for over 90 households.