Apply to the Another World is Possible Fund

Chinook Fund and Transformative Leadership for Change (TLC) are distributing rapid response grants to grantees and affiliated organizations who are currently responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Another World is Possible Fund is a vehicle to invest in the social justice organizations who are fighting for both a just response to COVID-19 in the short-term AND a visionary future for our world in the long-term.  Our goal is to raise and distribute $1M to give out in immediate, general operating grants to organizations affiliated with TLC and Chinook Fund.

Recognizing this hour of urgent need, Chinook Fund seeded the fund with $75,000 from its operating reserves. With an additional $10,000 contributed by AJL Foundation, we launched in May with $85,000 of committed funding to distribute. In addition to grants, we hope to raise money to offer quality coaching and strategic planning to those receiving funds. Numerous leaders have requested help to stay open, “recession-proof” their organizations, adapt their work to new conditions – and more.

Together, we have a shared network of 75 organizations who will be eligible for these funds.  To learn more, download the detailed fund vision and description: Another World is Possible Fund Overview PDF. Email with questions.

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  • Organizations who have received funding from Chinook Fund from 2016 – 2020 and/or Organizations who have leaders who participated in the Transformative Leadership for Change fellowship
  • Organizations who are currently active and responding to the impact of COVID-19 on their organizations and communities

Priority will be given to:

  • Groups led by and for Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) and low income communities
  • Groups based outside of the Front Range
  • Groups with annual budgets under $350,000

Examples of projects/responses include but are not limited to:


  • Organizing for safe workplaces & institutions, paid sick leave, wage increases and hazard pay for people providing essential services
  • Organizing to demand that institutions like jails, prisons, and detention centers release people/keep them safe and healthy
  • Organizing rent/mortgage strikes; essential worker strikes
  • Organizing funding for undocumented and other communities left out of mainstream pandemic response
  • Organizing to address viral racism and xenophobia, creating anti-racist & anti-discrimination narratives, highlighting impact of pandemic on communities of color
  • Organizing to address the digital divide, creating or upgrading digital infrastructure


  • Establishing improved sick leave policies or creating sick leave funds for staff
  • Preserving medical coverage & covering medical assistance
  • Community centered healing projects
  • Self/community care for staff including physical/mental/emotional/spiritual wellness
  • Community-based mutual aid projects, emergency income, food or housing assistance & eviction prevention


  • Emergency outreach, training and education (webinars, social media campaigns, etc) to respond to the crisis, including digital literacy skills
  • Support for organizational resiliency, strategic planning, fundraising, recession-proof budgeting, etc.
  • Emergency funds to maintain organizational operations due to revenue loss

For more information on this funding opportunity, please email

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we apply for multiple grants from this fund?

At this time, each group may receive only one grant from this fund.

What is the deadline to apply?

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and awarded based on availability of funds. All applications received by 9 a.m. on Monday will be reviewed that week.

When will we hear back after submitting an application?

Applicants submitting requests by 9 am on Monday will be notified by the following Monday about the status of their request. 

When will grant awards be disbursed?

Funds will be disbursed via check within two weeks of the grant award confirmation. ACH payments may be arranged by contacting

Will there be reporting requirements?

No. All funds distributed will be general operating support.

Where is the money for this fund coming from?

We are currently raising money from individual donors and foundations. We have $85,000 committed to date with a goal of raising $250,000. Anyone may make a gift to support this fund at

Who makes decisions about the grants?

Applications will be reviewed by representatives of Transformative Leadership for Change and Chinook Fund. The Another World is Possible review team includes:

  • Courtney Banayad, Board Co-Chair, Chinook Fund
  • Neha Mahajan, Executive Director, Transformative Leadership for Change
  • Crystal Middlestadt, Executive Director, Chinook Fund
  • Judith Marquez,  Transformative Leadership for Change alumni member
  • Jessica Nelson, Operations & Grants Manager, Chinook Fund

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Colorado Social Justice Landscape

Chinook Fund has a 33-year legacy of seeding grassroots movements across the state through community-led grantmaking.  Transformative Leadership for Change is a new initiative that supports the healing, transformation, solidarity and radical visions of people of color leading social justice organizations.  

We are two complementary capacity-building organizations in the Colorado progressive ecosystem, partnering together in the spirit of abundance, interdependence and mutual aid to raise resources for those who are forging the path to the world we believe is possible.

Most philanthropic and government relief efforts are going towards short-term direct aid.  While this is critically important, we need to channel resources to the organizations working on the social, political, cultural and structural change that is necessary and uniquely possible during this moment. 

Our organizations have been working both inside and outside the system to make change – holding institutions accountable, while also building alternatives.  We are fighting for demands such as releasing incarcerated and detained individuals, providing universal basic income, guaranteeing paid sick days and paid leave, including gig workers in benefits, freezing rent and mortgages – and so much more.  We are also committed to turning these short-term policies into permanent wins, so our communities can move from surviving to thriving in the long-run.

We are used to doing bold, visionary work in difficult conditions, without many resources.  The pandemic is intensifying this reality, and threatening the very existence of some of our organizations.  This is why your contribution and support is more critical and meaningful than ever before!