Have you ever donated money to try to make the world a better place?

Have you ever felt guilty for saying “no” to a request to donate, wondering if you really should have said “yes”?

Have you ever said “yes” and realized that the deciding factor was really just that you were a little closer to your wallet, feeling a little more emotionally vulnerable, or perhaps hadn’t made any major purchases recently (unlike that time you said “no”)?

Would you like to feel confident that you are saying “yes” and “no” for the right reasons?

Want to feel secure that the money you donate is doing the most it can to break down systems of oppression and change the world?

This is the workshop for you!

Join us for a quick orientation into where national charitable dollars are actually going, talk about strategies for planning your giving, and learn more about amazing work in our state.

You’ll also get to hear from some of our community partners who are also working to move resources for social justice.