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As we try to enact social change throughout Colorado, it is important to remember the vital role that young people play in our society.

The experiences and understandings that our youth gain in the world today will affect the society that we will live in tomorrow. That is why we here at Chinook Fund see the inherent value of engaging youth in the society around them – whether it is through art, education, political action, or community building.

Oftentimes, organizations will face challenges in reaching out to youth and getting them excited about community engagement. We hope that you will be able to learn from and connect with organizations that have faced challenges in order to more effectively engage youth and continue the fight for social justice.


Action for a Better Community
Website | | 585-325-5116
Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program
Website | 970-962-0139
Art-N-Motion Art Collective
Website | 760-815-6000
Cafe Cultura
Website | | 720-394-6589
Colorado Juvenile Defender Coalition
Website | | 303-825-0194
Website |
Growing Colorado
Website | | 303-301-4650
Higher Education Access Alliance (Colorado ASSET)
Website | 720-988-4628
Inside/Out Youth Services
Website | | 719-328-1056
Moyo Nguvu Cultural Arts Center
Website | | 303-377-2511
Website | | 720-317-7009
United Black Women of Boulder Valley
Website |
Victim Offender Reconliation Program of Denver (VORP)
Website | | 303-534-6167
Young People’s Front for Democracy and Justice
Youth on Record
Website | | 303-993-5226

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