The Queer Trans Solidarity and Service Brigade is a contingent of queer and trans anti-imperialists from across the continental u.s., who are actively engaged in social justice movement leadership in their home locations, on a trip to bring resources, experience transformative learning, and build potentially life-long relationships of solidarity. The QT SAS Brigade is advancing with the hope of helping escalate queer and trans communities’ anti-colonial solidarity with the people of Borikén/ Puerto Rico.

Summary of QT SaS Brigade's Goals

Move resources to Puerto Rico survival networks & just transition workers, particularly in a direction and method that amplifies autonomy, abolition and independence

Amplify solidarity movement that undermines colonial and white footholds in archipelago and in the continental u.s., while building energy and infrastructure towards a free Borikén

Long Term Commitment
Establish and/or develop life-long solidarity relationships in shared work to end patriarchal, colonial, racial-capitalism with a trans feminist lens


A core commitment of the QT SaS Brigade is directly redistributing resources to frontline formations in value equal to or greater than twice the cost of deploying the brigade. While significant fundraising has been done, we seek to raise an additional $70,000 in contributions for the resource redistribution giving circle. The funds for redistribution are being processed through QT SaS Brigade’s fiscal sponsor, Chinook Fund.

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