Compañeros – $4,500

El Centro – $4,500

Lamar Unidos – $2,000

Hispanic Affairs Project – $5,500

Motus Theater – $5,500

Companeros – $7300

El Centro Humanitario – $7300

El Centro AMISTAD – $4000

El Centro AMISTAD – $6300

Motus Theater – $5000

Hispanic Affairs Project – $9300

Northern Colorado Dreamers United – $5600

Latino Task Force of Boulder County – $3500

Burma Community Rangers – $3400

Burma Community Rangers, BCR, helps its community members as well as measures the outcomes of that assistance.

Global Refugee Center – $3500

Companeros – $7300

Somali American Community Center – $6500

By providing constituents with work-related assistance, education, and cultural events, SACCC strives to increase community awareness of the Somali population in Metro Denver.

Rights for All People – $5600

Hispanic Affairs Project – $6400

Hispanic Affairs Project is dedicated to providing attention to the needs and social development of the Hispanic Immigrant community.

Immigrant Justice

What does it mean?

Ensuring social, legal, civil & human rights protections for all immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Fighting exploitation, criminalization and violence towards immigrant communities, while drawing attention to global economic and social conditions that compel individuals to migrate.

Current Grantees: Companeros, El Centro Humanitario, Somali American Community Center of Colorado, Burma Community Rangers, Hispanic Affairs Project


  • 2004 – After 5 years of organizing, Companeros (the first immigrant resource center in the Four Corners region) – WINS a victory when the Durango City Council adopts a resolution that bars city employees, including the police, from asking about immigration status while providing services.
  • 2006 – Joining with millions across the country, Chinook grantees lead a coalition to mobilize over 200,000 people in Colorado in a historic march for immigrant rights.  The scope and size of these protests, rallies & boycotts make them the most significant event of political activism since the Civil Rights Movement.
  • 2010-2012 – After immigrant members of Rights for All People discover that Wells Fargo has large investments in private prisons & immigrant detention centers, they spearhead a campaign to boycott the bank.  After 2 years of local & national pressure, Wells Fargo  removes 33% of its holdings in the 2nd largest private prison company in the US.  Members pledge to continue fighting until Wells Fargo completely divests from these companies.
  • 2013 – Global Refugee Center in Greeley has educated over 800 individuals from 30 countries about schools, health care, finance, and civil & human rights.