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Atlantis ADAPT – $8000

ADAPT has made community supports for people with disabilities its major issue, and continues to organize disability rights activists.

Disability Justice

What does it mean?

Envisioning a society that supports and celebrates the rich array of human differences by accommodating all people, and where people with disabilities are allowed choice, independence, and self-determination over their own lives. Fighting unintended barriers, intentional exclusion, deep-seated prejudice and widespread institutional discrimination which impoverish and shut people with disabilities out of society


  • 1994 – After years of struggle to pass the historic “American with Disabilities Act,” in 1990, Colorado ADAPT works to enforce this legislation in our state.  Using grassroots organizing and direct action, the organization WINS huge changes in accessibility for both public and private transportation systems, helping Denver to be officially recognized as “the most accessible city in the nation for people with disabilities.”
  • 2002 – Nearly two decades of work by Domestic Violence Initiative for Women with Disabilities results in an important WIN that all shelters in the Denver Metro are now accessible, culturally competent, and actively serving women who have experienced domestic or care-giver violence.