El Centro

By April 19, 2016Stories

Day laborers are some of the greatest unsung heroes of Colorado. People working in day labor are often exploited for cheap labor and are denied basic needs and compensation by their employers. Outside of El Centro, 1 in 6 workers experience wage theft by an employer who simply withholds some or all of their pay after the work is completed.

Workers, particularly day laborers, deserve to have their work recognized. They provide society’s food, build its homes, and maintain its infrastructure. Chinook believes that all workers deserve to be fairly compensated by their employer and taken care of for their hard work. Through El Centro’s programs, day laborers are able to connect with fair-wage jobs and speak up when they are mistreated by their employers. When men and women work in equitable conditions, they can comfortably provide basic needs for themselves and their families thus allowing them to take pride in their work

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